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Jazz Collection

Dedicated to promoting jazz musicians in Vancouver through live performance and studio recordings.

Volume 4: Kevin Elaschuk 4tet

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The Kevin Elaschuk 4tet is a nice, loose, swinging interactive group. They have an open sound and good energy playing original music, obscurish standards and tunes we all know. Based in Vancouver, they very much enjoy playing together.
Trumpet - Kevin Elaschuk
Tenor Sax - Ross Taggart
Double Bass - André Lachance
Drums - Joe Poole

Volume 3: Oddity

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The interplay between structure and chaos is prevalent in the realm of human aesthetics. Sports, visual arts, mathematics and music all rely on the balance between the two. Oddity explores the musical aspects of structured time (metered tempi, phrasing, form and rhythmic motif) to find the freedom and surprise within. They utilize non-standard time signatures, odd-length forms and metarhythms to create effortlessly flowing pieces of music. Focusing on such challenges, the four members of Oddity began the ensemble to write and perform works which addressed specific aspects of their musicianship. The group was formed to take advantage of bassist André Lachance’s skills as a guitarist and of the relocation of bassist Tommy Babin from Montreal to Vancouver. Saxophonist Jon Bentley and drummer Bernie Arai round out the co-operative group. Starting as a rehearsal band, all four members were encouraged to contribute new compositions and arrangements to challenge one another. As they built their repertoire and discovered a unique chemistry, the quartet made the transition to full- fledged band. The name Oddity alludes to the use of odd time signatures, and its members continue to use the project as a vehicle for new compositions and for exploring improvisatory space. Their writing and playing encourages music beyond convention.
Tenor Saxophone - Jon Bentley
Drums - Bernie Arai
Bass - Tommy Babin
Guitar - André Lachance

Volume 2: Tyson Naylor Trio

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Vancouver pianist and keyboardist Tyson Naylor has firmly established himself as one of Canada’s most compelling musical talents, equally impressive on piano, organ or accordion. Naylor’s playing as a sideman can be heard on many albums, spanning many genres. He is a member of Vancouver bands Dan Mangan, the Crackling, the Abramson Singers, Francois Houle’s Living Ditches, and his own Tyson Naylor Trio. Naylor has made numerous appearances at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, with artists such as Tony Wilson, Bruce Freedman, and The Crackling. He’s toured throughout Canada, Germany and Poland. He has played in Europe with Tobias Delius and Tristan Honsinger (of ICP Orchestra), Christian Kögel, Jan Roder (Schlippenbach Quartet) and Joe Williamson. In Canada he has also performed with Jesse Zubot, François Houle, JP Carter and Steve Dawson. For his own trio project, Naylor cites an eclectic mix of influences, including Misha Mengelberg, Don Cherry, Wayne Horvitz, and west-African music. His approach to composition is minimalist and organic, leaving harmonic and rhythmic space, as well as ample room for improvisation. Constantly evolving, when the trio plays, what may be a sparse, pastoral ballad nurtured until the last note on one night could be unceremoniously picked apart the next. Not to be missed.
Piano - Tyson Naylor
Drums - Skye Brooks
Bass - Russell Sholberg
Clarinet - François Houle

Volume 1: Soft Morning, City

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Soft Morning City is the latest project of Saxophonist/Composer John Paton. The project was originally conceived as a vehicle to play with former Vancouver based drummer Ivan Bamford, now based in Montreal. The unique two guitar/no bass instrumentation is spacious yet full while leaving plenty of space for the drummer to leave his mark. After a successful debut at one of Vancouver’s growing creative venues, El Barrio, the band teamed up with Vancouver-based drummer Paul Townsend to record a five song demo at the Warehouse Studio in Vancouver.
Saxophone - John Paton
Trumpet - Kevin Elaschuk
Guitar - Cole Schmidt
Guitar - Sam King
Drums - Paul Townsend

Volume 5: Tony Wilson 6tet

Show members
Tumpet and Electronics - J.P. Carter
Violin - Jesse Zubot
Guitar - Tony Wilson
Cello - Peggy Lee
Bass - Russell Sholberg
Drums - Skye Brooks